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Norse Fjord – Blueberry & Raspberry (Nic Salt, 10ml)

50 VG / 50 PG
10 & 20mg
Blueberry & Raspberry

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NORSE Fjord Raspberry Blueberry 10ml e-juice delivers a genuine taste of Nordic berries that takes you to the mountains and forests with every puff. The natural flavors of raspberries and blueberries are carefully balanced to provide an incredibly enjoyable and authentic taste experience.

The first idea behind NORSE Premium E-liquid came from a desire to promote what describes Norway. From mighty mountains to deep fjords, fairytale forests and bustling city life. This was further developed into some fantastic flavours that you can recognise on both the design and the taste experience. The flavours are based on the most popular varieties of e-juice. With this series we mean that we have found many flavors that represent us in Norway, with all that we have to offer. Our e-juice range will be a sure winner in the fight against quitting smoking for good.

50/50 E-Juice

Nic Salt


Norse Fjord – Blueberry & Raspberry 10ml – 5mg, Norse Fjord – Blueberry & Raspberry 10ml – 10mg, Norse Fjord – Blueberry & Raspberry 10ml – 20mg



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