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Advanced Vape Kits

An advanced vape kit, often termed as a mod or box mod, is an e-cigarette device geared towards experienced vapers who seek a more customizable and sophisticated vaping experience. These kits typically have the following features:

  1. Variable Wattage/Voltage: This allows users to adjust the power output to suit their
    preference, which can affect the intensity of the vape and flavor production.
  2. Temperature Control: Some mods offer the ability to set a specific temperature for the coil,
    providing a consistent vape and preventing “dry hits” (when the wick isn’t adequately saturated with e-liquid).
  3. Larger Battery or External Batteries: Advanced mods often have a larger integrated battery or
    use external batteries, which can be replaced. This tends to provide a longer battery life compared to simple
  4. Sub-Ohm Tanks & Rebuildable Atomizers: These devices often pair with tanks designed for
    sub-ohm vaping (coils with a resistance less than 1 ohm) or rebuildable atomizers where vapers can build their
    own coils.
  5. Customizable Airflow: Many advanced kits allow users to adjust the airflow to switch between
    a tighter, mouth-to-lung hit or a looser, direct-to-lung hit.
  6. Larger E-Liquid Capacity: Advanced vape kits often come with tanks that can hold more
    e-liquid than simpler pod systems.
  7. Sophisticated Displays: They usually feature a display screen showing information like
    wattage, battery life, coil resistance, and sometimes even puff counters or other metrics.
  8. Safety Features: Advanced mods incorporate various safety features like short-circuit
    protection, overcharge protection, and temperature protection to ensure safe vaping.
  9. Firmware Upgradable: Some advanced vape kits allow users to update the device’s firmware,
    bringing in new features or improvements over time.
  10. Multiple Modes: Beyond just wattage and temperature control, many mods offer specialized
    modes for different types of wire (like stainless steel, titanium, or nickel) or vaping styles.

Examples of advanced vape kits include devices from brands like Vaporesso Gen 200, Vaporesso Luxe Max XR, and VooPoo Drag X Pro. While they offer a richer and more
personalized vaping experience, they also require a better understanding of vaping basics, such as watt / volt and
battery safety.

Advanced Vape Kits: Who is a advanced vape kit for?

Advanced vape kits are the epitome of the vaping world. They offer a vast range of advanced features, elevating the
vaping experience for users. But who exactly is an advanced kit for?

Power Outputs & High-Powered Vaping

One of the prime features of advanced vape devices is their power outputs. These high-powered machines are designed for those who crave more from their vape. Vaping enthusiasts often look for box mods or mod kits that can deliver greater power, ensuring a richer and more intense experience. Unlike a basic starter kit, advanced kits come with high power outputs which can significantly alter the cloud production.

Temperature Control & Personalized Vaping Experience

Temperature control is another unique aspect of advanced vape kits. This advanced feature allows users to adjust the temperature of their vape mod, ensuring they get a consistent vaping experience every time. With temperaturecontrol,
vaping enthusiasts can fine-tune their settings to get the perfect vape, every time.

Vape Mod & Form Factor

The form factor of advanced vape devices often stands out. An advanced vape mod might be bulkier than your average vape
pen, but that’s because it houses a range of advanced features. From sophisticated circuitry to enhanced battery life,
every element of the vape mod is designed to provide a superior vaping experience.

Advanced Kits for the Discerning Vaper

Advanced kits are not for everyone. They are specifically designed for vaping enthusiasts who are well-versed in the
nuances of vaping. These users seek out advanced features to tailor their experience, from temperature control to
adjusting ohm vaping settings. Ohm vape kits, for instance, offer users the ability to experiment with sub-ohm or
above-ohm vaping, which can significantly influence cloud production and flavor.

Battery Life & advanced vape kits

A crucial aspect of any advanced vape kit is the battery life. Unlike simple devices, advanced vape kits often house
batteries that provide extended life, ensuring vaping enthusiasts can enjoy their sessions without frequent recharges.
The battery life is directly tied to the device’s form factor and its capability to house larger batteries.

Beyond the Starter Kit

While a starter kit is perfect for those new to the world of vaping, the range of advanced kits available is tailored
for the seasoned vaper. These kits offer more than just the basic vaping experience. From box mods with powerful outputs
to temperature-controlled vape devices that let users fine-tune their experience, advanced kits provide a plethora of

Conclusion about advanced vape kits

In summary, advanced vape kits are tailored for those who seek more than just the basic vaping experience. Vaping
enthusiasts who crave more control over power outputs, temperature control, and desire extended battery life should
certainly consider upgrading to an advanced vape kit. These kits, with their range of advanced features and capabilities
like enhanced cloud production and ohm vaping adjustments, truly take the vaping experience to the next level.


Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Kit

Powerfull – Up to 80W
Supports MTL & DTL
CoreX Technology


Geekvape T200 Vape Kit

Up to 200W power
Uses 2 x 18650 batteries
Large, colour touch screen for easy operation


Vaporesso Target 200 Vape Kit

Dual-Battery Kit
Up to 220w


Voopoo Drag X Pod Mod Kit – Galaxy Blue

4.5mL PnP Pod Tank
GENE.TT chipset
4.5ml Capacity Pod


Geekvape Aegis S100 Kit

Water & Dust proof
1.08 inch TFT display
Max 100W


Geekvape Aegis L200 Kit

1.08 inch TFT color display


Geekvape Obelisk 200W Kit

Mod size: 82* 48.5 *26mm
Battery: dual 18650 batteries (not included)
Output: 5-200W
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
Longest output/vaping time: 10s
Temperature range: 200-600℉/100-315℃
Working temperature: -10-60℃
Charging voltage: USB Type-C, 5V/2A
Screen: 0.96 inch TFT…


Voopoo Drag S Pod Mod Vape Kit

Capacity: 2ml
Battery: 2500mAh
Power Range: 5-60W


Smok Nord 4 Kit


Voopoo Argus Pro Pod Kit

Capacity: 2ml


Innokin Coolfire Z80 Kit w/Zenith 2 Tank

Tank Capacity: 5.5ml
Easy Twist Top Fill

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