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MTL Coils

MTL Coils – Mouth To Lung Coils

MTL stands for “Mouth-To-Lung.” It’s a vaping style that closely mimics the action of smoking a traditional cigarette. In MTL vaping, you draw the vapor into your mouth first, then inhale it into your lungs. The MTL Coil is specifically designed to optimize this style of vaping, offering a tighter draw and delivering a satisfying throat hit.

Key Features of MTL Coils


  1. Tighter Draw: MTL Coils usually have a tighter airflow, which replicates the sensation of pulling from a cigarette. This is a key reason why many transitioning smokers opt for MTL setups.

  3. Higher Resistance: Typically, MTL coils have a resistance above 1.0 ohm. This means they use less power and, in turn, produce cooler vapor.

  5. Optimized for Nicotine Salts: Due to the less intense vapor production, MTL Coils are ideal for vaping nicotine salts at higher concentrations. This provides a potent nicotine hit without the harshness.

  7. Longer Lifespan: Since MTL Coils operate at lower wattages, they often tend to last longer than their sub-ohm counterparts.

Benefits of MTL Coils


  • Efficiency: They’re more power-efficient, so users can enjoy longer battery life on their vaping devices.

  • Flavor Intensity: The slower vapor production often leads to a more pronounced flavor, especially with certain e-liquids.

  • Satisfaction: MTL vaping often provides a more familiar sensation for ex-smokers, making the transition to vaping smoother.

In Conclusion

The MTL Coil is more than just a piece of vaping equipment; it’s a gateway for many into the world of vaping, offering a familiar experience to traditional smoking. Its optimized design ensures a tight draw, potent flavor, and longer coil lifespan. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding the nuances of the MTL Coil can enrich your vaping journey.


Uwell Caliburn A2S Pod – 1.2Ohm – 4PK

2ml Capacity


Aspire Nautilus Mini/Coils

Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils
Range of Resistances


Smok Nord Vape Coils

3 options of ohm
Mesh Coils


Innokin Prism S Vape Coils

0.8ohm & 1.5ohm


Innokin Prism T18E, T22E Vape Coils

Innokin Endura T18E Coil 1.5ohm an 2.0ohm


Innokin Zenith Coil 5-pack

Innokin Zenith Replacement Coil is designed for Zenith MTL tank that delivers the pure flavor. There are 0.48ohm and 1.6ohm resistance available. The 1.6ohm coil is best for cooler vape and works great with nicotine salt liquids. The 0.48ohm coil is best for the warmer vape. It also comes in 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm. 5pcs…


Geekvape G Coil 5-Pack

Geekvape G Series Coil is specially designed for Geekvape Wenax Stylus kit and Geekvape Wenax Stylus kit, Geekvape Wenax C1 kit, Geekvape Aegis pod, Geekvape G18 Starter Pen Kit. Come get the perfect coil now and enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

Uwell Caliburn G Coil 4-pack

The new replaceable Caliburn G Coil can provide you with long lasting & even heating and full & original flavour. It is specially designed for Uwell Caliburn G Cartridge.

Aspire PockeX coil

Aspire PockeX Replacement Coil, adopts Nautilus X U-Tech coil technology, is designed for PockeX AIO device. It designed for maximum flavour and vapour production.

Innokin Prism T18 coil 5-pack 1.5ohm

Innokin Endura T18&T22 Coil 1.5ohm (5 Pack) is for the Prism tank used in the Endura T18/T22 Vaping Kit. The replacement coils have the resistance of 1.5 ohm and include Japanese organic cotton.


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