Riot Squad Mango Vanilla Ice Cream


Mango Vanilla Ice Cream hybrid salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Black Edition is a dessert blend combining the ripe and exotic flavour of mango with the smooth, rich taste of vanilla ice cream.


Riot’s focus is a better world. They cut through the haze and see possibility: a cigarette-free UK by 2030 and the planet beyond soon after.

Their CEO first had that dream, his mission was to change the ease of smoking cessation. From those early days rose an aspiration to evolve – collective consciousness, smoking, the ease of quitting – a human brand with human solutions.

This drive created Hybrid RIOT S:ALT; a unique blend of nicotine freebase and nicotine salts to give quick delivery and better throat hit. It’s a realistic alternative without the 7000+ chemicals and tar that comes with each cigarette.

Their immersive vape technologies are multi-award winning. Their mentality of big on life, big on flavour ensures they never mimic; they build flavours at a molecular level with precision and high-quality focus that has propelled Riot to international best-seller. Their mission: To change the status quo of smoking cessation by using a high-quality vaping solution to work together to create a smoke free planet.

They want people to kick the habit so actively discourage non-smoker and youth uptake via social responsibility efforts. They strongly believe in people and the planet over profit.


Riot Squad Mango Vanilla Ice Cream – 5 mg, Riot Squad Mango Vanilla Ice Cream – 10 mg, Riot Squad Mango Vanilla Ice Cream – 20 mg


Riot Labs

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