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Ohm Brew Nic Salt Lemon & Lime

50VG / 50PG
Flavours of Lemon and Lime

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Ohm Brew Nic Salt – Lemon & Lime is a zesty, refreshing e-liquid that masterfully combines the tangy sharpness of lemon with the vibrant zest of lime. Encased in a practical 10ml bottle, this flavor is a citrus lover’s delight, offering an invigorating and crisp vape experience. Perfect for those who enjoy a sharp, refreshing vape, Lemon & Lime is designed to awaken the senses and provide a clean, bright puff every time.

Flavour: Lemon & Lime – From the outset, the sharp, citrus tang of lemon hits your palate, delivering a burst of refreshing sourness that’s immediately invigorating. This initial lemony sharpness is seamlessly followed by the vibrant, slightly sweet zest of lime, complementing the lemon’s intensity with its own unique tang. The interplay between lemon and lime creates a perfectly balanced citrus blend, with the sweetness and sourness of each fruit enhancing the other. This combination results in a vape that is refreshingly tart, slightly sweet, and endlessly enjoyable, offering a crisp and clean taste that’s ideal for cleansing the palate or simply enjoying a moment of sharp, citrus refreshment.

Volume: 10ml E-Liquid

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavourings

VG / PG: 50% VG – 50% PG

With a 50VG / 50PG ratio, Ohm Brew Nic Salt – Lemon & Lime ensures a balanced vaping experience, suitable for a variety of devices and preferences. The e-liquid is available in nicotine strengths of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg, allowing vapers to choose their desired level of nicotine satisfaction while enjoying the vibrant flavors of lemon and lime. Whether you’re in search of a sharp, citrusy vape to refresh your palate or simply love the classic combination of lemon and lime, this e-liquid delivers a bright and satisfying vaping experience.


Ohm Brew Nic Salt Lemon & Lime – 5mg, Ohm Brew Nic Salt Lemon & Lime – 10mg, Ohm Brew Nic Salt Lemon & Lime – 20mg


Ohm Brew


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